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sedation dentistry grande Prairie

sedation dentistry grande Prairie
Dentistry has come a long way since the 18th century. However, many people are still afraid of the dentist chair. You can be rest and assured that our dentist chair is painless. As a matter-of-fact, depending on the procedure, you will be in and out in no time.  
Sedation dentistry has made its mark in today’s society due to the ability for the dentist to perform whatever procedure is required, painlessly. Therefore, the fear of the dentist’s office is becoming outdated. In Grande Prairie, We have served as the peoples “go to” dental office for emergencies. Not only that, but families have trusted us as their dentists for many years. 
With dental technology becoming more and more advanced, we take pride in making sure you get the information regarding the procedure
What is Sedation Dentistry?
For many people, the very thought of having their teeth cleaned sends shock waves of fear coursing through their bodies. Some would rather endure a toothache than to go to the dentist office. 
If that sounds like you, you are not alone. Averages of 70% of Americans feel you there. To assure you that you have nothing to fear, we would like to inform you of a procedure wonderfully called, Sedation Dentistry. 
Sedation is standard for everything from complicated surgery to a routine tooth cleaning. Sedation is a term used when the dentist uses medication to help the patient relax. Some refer to this method as, “sleep dentistry.” However, that term is not entirely accurate. The patient is awake during the procedure except for when general anesthesia appears in the equation. 
Types of Sedation Used in Dentistry
There are four different types of Sedation used in dentistry. 
•    Inhaled minimal sedation – You breathe Nitrous Oxide, otherwise called “laughing gas.” The Nitrous, combined with oxygen, is administered through a facemask. This is the most common sedation method.
•    Oral sedation – The minimal method is a medication in pill form called Halcion. Halcion is in the same family as Valium and is usually taken an hour before the procedure. Some become groggy after this dose and fall asleep. 
•    IV moderate sedation – You receive the sedative through a vein via a hypodermic needle. This is for more extreme cases that the oral dose. IV sedation goes to work faster and allows the dentist to adjust the dose.  
•    Deep sedation and general anesthesia – You will receive medication that will render you almost unconscious or unconscious. When the dentist uses this method, you will not awake until the dose wears off or is reversed with a counter medication.
Sedation Dentistry continues to advance as the years go by. Therefore, the next time you have to visit the dentist, you have nothing to fear. The dentist chair is our friend. Next time you visit us, you will be up to speed with our procedures when administering sedation methods.
sedation dentistry grande Prairie

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