Root Canal Cost Calgary

Factors That Determine Root Canal Cost In Calgary

A root canal is a procedure to save or repair the pulp of a tooth that has been badly infected or damaged. It involves the removal of the infected or damaged areas of the tooth. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned, disinfected, filled and sealed back. The sealing of the pulp chamber is to prevent the entry of bacteria. The pulp, which is located at the center of the tooth, is made of nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissues.

Some of the symptoms to look out for that may indicate the need for a root canal procedure includes; severe pain during chewing or application of pressure, an unusual sensitivity to cold or hot liquid or weather, tenderness or swelling in the gum and a discoloration or darkening of a tooth.

Calgary has some of the best dentists in America that can assist with any kind of dental problem. Root canal cost in Calgary is determined by a number of factors. Below are a couple of factors that determine the cost;

1) Location of the tooth:

This is one of the biggest factors that determine root canal cost in Calgary. The location of the tooth that needs to be repaired will determine if the patient will pay higher or lower. If the affected tooth is one of the incisors (the front teeth), then it will cost lower. This is because the incisors have one root. Whereas, if the affected tooth is a molar then it will cost the patient more, this is because molars have three roots. Having multiple roots means more work for the dentist, hence a higher price.

2) Timing:

Another factor that determines root canal cost in Calgary is timing, which is also directly related to the severity of the infection. If the patient approaches the dentist immediately after noticing sensitivity or pain, then it would likely cost less, as the dentist may just need to drill, clean and fill the infected chamber. But if the patient procrastinates and does not approach the dentist in time and the infection becomes severe, then he may need to pay more than what is expected for a simple procedure.

An extraction is the worst consequence of infection resulting from delay. An extraction will make the cost of the procedure even higher.

3) Retreatment:

Retreatment on a tooth that has initially had root canal is another factor that influences root canal cost in Calgary. If a tooth that has been treated once for root canal becomes infected again, the procedure will be more complicated. The patient may need to have a crown added. A crown refers to a permanent fitting over filled teeth which helps to protect the teeth from bacteria and improves its strength.

Adding a crown reduces the risk of a teeth fracture, while even improving the appearance of the teeth. Normally, incisors (teeth at the front of the mouth) are usually reasonably strong enough and do not need a crown. But in cases where a crown is needed, this would cost extra bucks.

Some other factors that determine root canal cost in Calgary are; the experience of the dentist, the type of dentistry the patient opt for (sedition or not), and if restoration is needed or not.

Root Canal Cost Calgary

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